Raymond McDonald started his career in pest control in 1958 with Orkin. He worked as a technician until he was transferred to Colorado Springs where he managed offices for Orkin in three different states. With a plethora of experience under his belt, Raymond moved back to Louisiana in 1967 and started his own company which is known today as Killer For Hire. Over the years he was lucky enough to employ an abundance of hard workers, and was happy to assist a select few starting their own pest control businesses - over 10 company's in several states - many of which are still in business today. His legacy is now owned by his son Andrew McDonald and helping him manage the business is grandson Michael McDonald. Three Generations later, Killer For Hire is as strong as ever thanks to the foundation that was originally laid.

Meet Our Team

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald is the current owner and son of Raymond McDonald. As a teenager, Andy started work in the company assisting on termite jobs as his part time job his junior year in high school quickly turned into a profession he was passionate about. Andy received his pest control license in 1982 and began working full time on the termite crew in 1985. By the early 90's, Andy had worked his way into a supervisory position and was assisting Raymond with managing the entire company by 2002 - he later became a partner in 2013. As Andy's roles have changed throughout the years, he continues to strive for a great customer experience which standards were set by Raymond early on. He credits all of the companies success to Raymond, the many loyal and hard-working employees throughout the years, and extraordinary customer base.

Michael McDonald

Michael Mcdonald is the third generation at Killer For Hire: grandson to founder Raymond McDonald, and son to the owner Andrew McDonald. Michael started learning the business at a young age of 14 riding with his father during summer breaks from school and asking a lot of questions. Michael now has 18 years experience and is licensed in three different phases of the industry. Michael is a certified master termite technician he serves as assistant manager to his father and works full time in the termite side of the company.